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Client List Includes: Abbott Laboratories, Alcoa Aluminum, Alawai Tunsi & Brothers Hospital, Accudata Systems,Air Force Institute of Technology, Amalgamated Sugar, Allen Canning, Archer Daniels Midland, Boeing, Boom Town Casino, Carleton College, Canadian Embassy, Chugach, Chevron Texaco, Chicago Tribune Company, Children's Hospital Med Ctr, Citizens National Bank, Clorox Products, Corning Inc., Compaq Computers, Continental Dental, Cox Cable, DCA Logistics, Department of Defense, Experience Music Project, F A A Goverment, First Calgary Savings, Flav-O-Rich Dairies, LLC, Ford Motor Company, Fort Bliss, General Dynamics, Greenpeace, Hastings Race Course, Haynes International, Honeywell Aerospace, Jamestown Regional Medical Center, Kearney & O'Banion, Lawrence Livermore, Lernout and Hauspie, Littleton Historical Museum, Los Alamos National Laboratory, LSG SkyChefs, Magee-Womens Hospital, Malone College, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP, Mobil Oil, Motorola ICSD Division, National Endowment for the Humanities, New Regency Films. Northrop Grumman, NutraSweet Corp., Okeechobee Federal Court Bldg, ONIZUKA CESJV - AIR FORCE, Paine Webber, click on client list for additional information
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AutoCAD Drawings
Click on picture for documentation

Easy to set-up and install. Works with any Pentium grade Computer Scan Photos and insert into database. Make Photo ID Cards that correspond to the Card Access Database.
www.AVLELEC.com KT-300 Access Control Kit includes
1 -
KT300 - Card Access Controller ( 2 - Doors )
2 - Card Readers (
Prox, Mag, or Barcode)
1 -
EntraPASS Special Edition Software

Click for EntraPASS Global Edition Certificate

Our system is in General Dynamics, Lima, OH. - 7- Federal Penitentiaries, Caesars Casino Lake Tahoe, Alcoa Aluminum, Cutrale Citrus Florida, West Coast Health Club New Jersey, R.R. Donnelley Virginia, LaCascata Homeowners Association, Continental Dental Philippines - and tons more

KT300 Access 2-Door Kit Quantity Desired:

Technical Statement: Our KT300 works in stand-alone mode
KT300/128 holds 8,000 cards and 5,000 events
KT300/512 holds 56,000 cards and 18,000 events
Both have an 8 Hour Battery Backup
Expandable to an unlimited amount of Doors and Cards
Add: $ 2,577.00 for additional set of 2 Readers and Controller
Card Access Controller - KT100BC301 Barcode Reader - $ 400.00EntraPASS Screen www.AVLELEC.com KT-100 Access Control Kit includes
1 -
KT100 - Card Access Controller ( 1 - Turnstile or Door )
1 - Card Readers (
Prox, Mag, or Barcode)
1 -
EntraPASS Special Edition Software

Click for EntraPASS Global Edition Certificate

KT100 Access 1-Door Kit Quantity Desired:

Technical Statement: Our KT100 works in stand-alone mode
KT100/128 holds 6,144 cards and 4,000 events
Add an additional Reader $ 400.00
Expandable to an unlimited amount of doors and readers
Pricing includes:
AutoCAD Installation Documentation

Device Location Detail Drawings
with Cable Routing and
Electrical Requirements
(you email us your floor plan
we will place the equipment )

Point-to-Point Schematic
Includes Cable Coloring and Numbering
(makes wiring EASY!)

Click on the links for PDF examples
(these are from previous projects)

12 Door Controller $ 10,662.008 Door Controller, $ 7,108.00

Multi-Door Controller Kits provide all the necessary hardware components in one box, from powerful KT-300 controllers to readers and keytags, to complete or extend your access control system.

Perfect for Growing Businesses

The Multi-Door Controller Kits are available in two enclosure size models: a 28-inch enclosure that can accommodate up to four KT-300 controllers and a 42-inch enclosure that can accommodate up to six KT-300 controllers. You can easily add controllers to each enclosure to reach its respective configuration (8-door or 12-door).

Organize and Install Controllers Efficiently

The Multi-Door Controller Kits are ideal for large applications where space, time and budget are important considerations. Rather than having to install separate enclosures for each KT-300, the Multi-Door Controller Kits enable you to mount multiple KT-300 controllers inside a single enclosure. This is a valuable benefit for sites with limited wall space.

Multi-Door Expansion Kit

For added convenience, our Multi-Door Expansion Kit lets you expand your access control system in 4-door increments. The Multi-Door Expansion Kit provides the basic peripherals to expand your system such as additional KT-300 controllers, transformers, rechargeable batteries and more all with the convenience of one model number.

Key Features

  • Controls up to 8 or 12 doors from one enclosure (depending on model size enclosure)
  • Cost-effectively consolidate multiple KT-300 controllers in a single enclosure to provide a streamlined installation
  • Supports all www.AVLELEC.com  EntraPass Special Edition, EntraPass Corporate Edition and EntraPass Global Edition1
  • Order one model number to ensure you receive all hardware components at the same time
  • Expand your system in 4-door increments using the Multi-Door Expansion Kit

(1) EntraPass Global Edition requires v3.17 or higher with Windows Global Gateway and KT-NCC.

EntraPass Security Software

Biometric Reader Image
Biometric Hand Key
$ 2,887.00

Use stand-alone or with our Card Access Database Software
Fingerprint Scanner
$ 1,777.00

Product Image
$ 1,342.00
Product Image
$ 457.00
KP-2500 & ES-KTP/103SN Keypads
$ 297.50
Product Image
 $ 648.70
Patrick McAllister

Expert in Access Control

Certified EntraPASS
Corporate & Global Edition



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