SM805 Speaker SMGA-5

A & E Specifications

The sound masking speaker assembly for suspended ceiling installations shall be Model SM805A. It shall include a speaker with factory-wired transformer mounted in a 325 steel backbox with grille, externally accessible speaker leads, attached wire hangers and 4' chain. The speaker shall be an 8" dual cone with a power rating of 12W.

The wired transformer shall be 70V with primary taps at 4, 2, 1, .5, and .25 watts. The assembly shall include an
externally accessible rotary switch to adjust tap selections. Speaker leads shall exit the backbox through a strain relief clamp on a single gang handibox cover on the rear of the enclosure. Suspension mounting shall be accomplished by connecting the provided S-hooks and 4' chain to the pre-installed wire hangers. Wire hangers shall be factory-mounted for upward sound dispersion

$ 805.00

A & E Specifications

The sound masking generator/amplifier shall be Model SMGA-5. Generator controls shall include output level and low pass filter. The amplifier output shall be 5-watts into 70V, 25V, or 8-ohms. Auxiliary amplifier input for paging, music or signaling shall be a plugable barrier strip. Amplifier controls shall include input level; a master level control; plus bass,
mid, and treble con-trols.

Power requirements shall be 120VAC, 60Hz, 14-watts. The chassis shall be formed from 20-gauge steel with a
16-gauge steel front panel on E.I.A. spacing for rack mount installation. Chassis shall measure 19"W x 1.75"H (1RU) x 9"D. The chassis assembly shall be finished in black powder epoxy paint, include silkscreened information, and a permanently connected power supply.

This Kit comes with 1 Soundmasking Speaker, 100 ft Plenum Speaker Wire
18 AWG Wire Nuts, AutoCAD Point-to-Point Schematic, AutoCAD Device Location Detail

Unlimited Telephone Support (until you are up and running)

Two (2) Year Equipment Warranty

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GSA No. GS-07F-9239S

exandable to:

Soundmasking + Paging + Music = 3 Speakers @ 1 Watt
Soundmasking + Music = 7 Speakers @ 1/2 Watt
Soundmasking Ony = 14 Speakers @ 1/4 Watt

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