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HyperSonic Soundmasking
Sound-beam inventor takes the prize

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What is HyperSonic Soundmasking?
HyperSonic Sound Technology is simply the most revolutionary sound reproduction system of this century.
Not since the development of the "cone" loudspeaker more than 75 years ago has any technology provided such significant departure from conventional loudspeakers and such a remarkable new approach to the reproduction of soundmasking.
Step into the Sound! Step out of the Sound (1" away & you don't hear a thing!)
How does it work?
The basic operating principle of HyperSonic uses a property of air known as "non-linearity". A normal sound wave (like someone talking) is a small pressure wave that travels through the air. As the pressure goes up and down, the "non-linear" nature of the air itself causes the sound wave to be changed slightly. If you change a sound wave, new sounds (frequencies) are formed within the wave. Therefore, if we know how the air affects the sound waves, we can predict exactly what new frequencies (sounds) will be added into the sound wave by the air itself. An ultrasonic (beyond the range of human hearing) sound wave can be sent into the air with sufficient volume to cause the air to create these new frequencies. Since we cannot hear the ultrasonic sound, we only hear the new sounds that are formed by the non-linear action of the air.
Send a Voice Message that is directed to a specific spot
The HyperSonic Soundmasking System consists of our Computerized Soundmasking Generator
- 1/3 Octave Equalizer Digital Signal Processor and a Fully Self Contained 2 x 2 HyperSonic Emitter Array.

A HyperSonic Soundmasking system consists of a Soundmasking Generator - 1/3 Octave Equalizer, a HyperSonic Signal Processor, and an Ultrasonic Emitter that is powered by an Ultrasonic amplifier, 75' Plenum Cable, and Installation Drawings.

The Soundmasking signal is converted to a highly complex ultrasonic signal by the signal processor before being amplified and emitted into the air by the emitter. Since the ultrasonic energy is highly directional, it forms a virtual column of sound directly in front of the emitter, much like the light from a flashlight. All along that column of ultrasonic sound, the air is creating new sounds (the sound that we originally converted to an ultrasonic wave). Since the sound that we hear is created right in the column of ultrasonic energy, it does not spread in all directions like the sound from a conventional loudspeaker, instead it stays locked tightly inside the column of ultrasonic energy.

Create a wall of
impenetrable Soundmasking around your Boardroom, Conference Center or your entire Building
without disturbing others even 1" out of the curtain of sound.

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$2,247.00 per system

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